Aerial Drone Video for Taunton Rugby Club's Marketing

Aerial Drone Video for Taunton Rugby Club's Marketing

Horizon Visual worked with the team at Taunton Rugby Club to provide a custom, bespoke aerial drone video for their marketing, promotional material and social channels.

Taunton Rugby Club are one of the South West's best rugby clubs, and to celebrate their main sponsor renaming the stadium, they asked Horizon Visual to create a custom aerial drone video of the stadium for their marketing and social channels.

We worked closely with the team at Taunton RFC, to create a bespoke drone video of their new stadium. With both low-flying and aerial shots, we utilised the full range of our drones to maximise the shot variety.

Once the shoot was complete, we created some custom graphics, and put together a complete, edited version of the day—highlighting the stadium's name change and including the logo of the corporate sponsor.

The Taunton RFC team and the sponsor's marketing department were thrilled with the result, and have used the production many times across many of their social channels and in other marketing and corporate advertising to help bring in more sponsors to the club and increase revenue.

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